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Although the programme shut down in 2012, spokesman Christopher Sherwood acknowledged the department still investigates claimed sightings of alien spacecraft.
Emma Norton, head of legal casework at human rights charity Liberty, said: "It is an established principle that civilian authorities should investigate crimes within the Armed Forces, except - astonishingly - when both the accused and the victim are serving.
THE Senate on Wednesday mandated its Committee on Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to investigate alleged double voter registration by Gov.
"We would investigate them if we received any complaints," said State Secretary spokeswoman Asia Foster.
EPA 1996) issued regulations requiring companies to analyze the hazards of their processes, preserve safety during process changes, perform preventative maintenance, train workers and contractors, investigate safety incidents, and plan for emergencies.
This agency, in addition to protecting high-level public officials, investigates credit card fraud and certain computer crimes.
Ideals and the way they distinguish people, but also the way that they can unite people and encourage them to form bands, partnerships, brotherhoods--this was something I wanted to investigate in more depth, taking my time to do so.
Rather along the lines of recent interest in micro-history, he also uses Hauser's life-story and the impact it had on contemporary public opinion to investigate politics and culture in Germany (to some extent in all of western Europe) during the first ha lf of the nineteenth century.
In Cardano's Cosmos, Anthony Grafton investigates astrology as it was understood and practiced by a single individual.
The QCIC then investigates and analyzes the allegations of audit failure to determine the need for corrective measures by the member firm involved, or changes in or additional guidance on generally accepted auditing standards or generally accepted accounting principles.
Suppose you are a detective assigned to investigate a sexual assault complaint.
A grand jury investigates accusations and indicts suspects for trial if there is enough evidence.

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