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The circumstance that, waking from a deep sleep at night in the midst of a forest, he had spoken aloud a name that he had not in memory and hardly had in mind did not arouse an enlightened curiosity to investigate the phenomenon.
I must investigate this when I have the time, and when I find myself in the humor.
He would plunge head-foremost into the nearest flower, and investigate it for himself.
Michel," said Barbicane, "during the passage we shall have plenty of time to investigate the most difficult questions.
For they too are in error, like the astronomers; they investigate the numbers of the harmonies which are heard, but they never attain to problems-that is to say, they never reach the natural harmonies of number, or reflect why some numbers are harmonious and others not.
Because of these differences Tarzan loved to investigate the jungle by night.
I just sent him down the road to investigate something--that I just thought worth investigating.
However, now that the glove had been thrown down to him, he had boldly picked it up and demanded the appointment of a special commission to investigate and verify the working of the Board of Irrigation of the lands in the Zaraisky province.
Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services spokesman Stuart Riskin said confidentiality laws forbid him from commenting on Darion's case, but that the department investigates every death of a child in the system.
Bielinski investigates the cause and origin of odors, dusts, mold and other substances in the built environment, as well as building envelope issues.
Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB), which investigates the root causes of serious chemical accidents that harm workers or the public.

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