investigating committee

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Responding to Thomas' question as to what misconduct he had done, chief secretary Jiji Thomson said "at this stage there would be no response to that query" and that the government need to present proof for misconduct only when an investigating committee was formed.
He says the investigating committee has only now got access to important taxation documents shedding more light on the various tax avoidance schemes in a number of member states.
But the House General Investigating Committee isn't through with this case, and it's clear that, at the very least, this stretched the rules in a way that has never been allowed.
The action a HCPC investigating committee panel could take if it decides a registered professional has failed to meet its standards, includes: take no further action; | caution the registrant; | make conditions of practice that the |registrant must work under; suspend the registrant, or | strike their name off the register .
Talking to media at an iftar event, Ayaz Sadiq said that an investigating committee of National Assembly can also be formed, adding that no one should have any misunderstandings about the authority of the parliament.
A spokeswoman for the Nursing and Midwifery Council said: "A panel of the investigating committee met to consider imposing an interim order against Pauline Cafferkey.
Neither the defence ministry nor the General Staff has responded to queries from the investigating committee about losses in the armed forces," the committee said.
The prince ordered that the investigating committee quickly find out what happened to the two victims at dawn on Thursday.
The case has been probed by the investigating committee of the Kazakh Interior Ministry into "murder" and "sexual assault against underage girl.
The investigating committee will be chaired by John Savior Otwor, with representatives from the National Security Service, criminal investigation department (CID) member, municipal legislative council and Anti-Corruption Commission to be appointed.
Some speculated that the investigating committee does not want to publicize what it found and Jafarzadeh chose to break the seal while pretending to go along with the committee reasoning.
A joint investigating committee of Sri Lanka and India will meet next month to discuss and reach a permanent solution to the nagging fisheries issue between the two countries, Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic said.

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