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Investigators believe the victim may have been from Cuba, but they still don't know who he was.
As an operational benefit, electronic monitoring allows investigators to concentrate on the interrogation while it occurs without having to engage in distracting note-taking practices counterproductive to effective active listening.
Most investigators confirm that understanding the chronology of evidence in an investigation is essential to recreating the event.
Applicants must justify the need for this award and provide a convincing case that the proposed period of support will substantially enhance their careers as independent investigators in their chosen area of quantitative research.
Most investigators are pilots, mechanical or airspace engineers (who specialize in electrical/hydraulic systems in airplanes), or former insurance adjusters for aircraft manufacturers.
5 genome test allows forensics investigators to employ objective science, empiricism and statistical analysis in the reconstruction of a physical profile or "fuzzy photo" from DNA left at a crime scene.
Morgenthau also thanked the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice for their assistance in conducting the searches at the Figliolia residence and in particular: Deputy Attorney General Mark Eliades; Supervising State Investigator Vickey Vreeland; State Investigator Brian Bruton; State Investigator Chris Donahue; State Investigator Jennifer Mazone; State Investigator Paul Kay; State Investigator P.
Investigators don't have to spend three hours probing, marking and determining where all the water is.
The series of policies, rules, and guide Lines issued since 2000 vary in their provisions, details, and, importantly, in their exceptions, but they all have one thing in common: ALL four of those issued as of this writing detail greater responsibility and heightened scrutiny in reviewing potential conflicts of interest for the research institution, the clinical investigators, and any other clinical investigators, including those from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.
Clinical investigators and laboratory investigators need opportunities to talk to one another.
Investigators looking into a connection between al-Qaeda and Taylor determined that terrorists were active in the region for at least two months before the Sept.