investment portfolio

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Marking an institution's investment portfolio to market or the lower of cost or market while reporting liabilities with similar maturities at cost removes financial statements from the realm of economic reality and, arguably, makes them meaningless.
Standard's investment portfolio is of good quality and sufficient liquidity for the company's business needs.
Home Investment Portfolio Partners Companies (HIPP Companies) is a real estate investment company headquartered in Denver, Colorado.
67 per share on a diluted basis), and that net interest margin in 2007 will improve as a result of an improved yield on the investment portfolio and the reduction in the cost of borrowings.
Labuan Re has maintained a conservative investment portfolio.
The Company estimates the improvement in yield on the total investment portfolio will be 35 to 40 basis points and will improve annualized diluted earnings per share by $.
This is the latest transaction undertaken by the Partnership to improve the overall quality of, and earnings from, the Partnership's investment portfolio.

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