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Surely, thought I, all these terrible stories I have heard about the inveteracy with which they carried on the feud, their deadly intensity, of hatred and the diabolical malice with which they glutted their revenge upon the inanimate forms of the slain, are nothing more than fables, and I must confess that I experienced something like a sense of regret at having my hideous anticipations thus disappointed.
We shall only add, therefore, that the Puritan--so, at least, says chimney-corner tradition, which often preserves traits of character with marvellous fidelity--was bold, imperious, relentless, crafty; laying his purposes deep, and following them out with an inveteracy of pursuit that knew neither rest nor conscience; trampling on the weak, and, when essential to his ends, doing his utmost to beat down the strong.
Pursued with persistent inveteracy, I cut off my hair, I disguised myself as a woodman.
Bible-burning is resorted to whenever the priest can overawe his credulous parishioners, yet it is not without its significance, that the very inveteracy of this opposition begins to astonish the people, who cannot understand the uneasiness of their priest on the advent of a colporteur, nor his unceasing hostility to the circulation of a book which he is unable to condemn when brought to him for inspection.