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VIABILITY, med. jur. An aptitude to live after birth; extra uterine life. 1 Briand. Med. Leg. 1ere partie, c. 6, art. 2. See 2 Sav. Dr. Rom. Append. III. for a learned discussion of this subject.

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Although some back the scheme,other councillors believe it should be scrapped,branding it economically inviable.
Now Adrian Noble has come out fighting after surviving what promised to be a tempestuous AGM and has rounded on those who believe his plans for the RSC are artistically and financially inviable.
Without concrete population studies, the Game Commission is risking making the current bobcat population inviable.
Devising modifications to prevent another catastrophe from a Concorde tyre blow-out will be a massive technical challenge which could financially inviable, aviation experts said yesterday.
These results have lead to concerns over gamete competition, sometimes called the "gamete sink hypothesis," in which synchronous spawning may lead to the formation of inviable larvae, therefore removing the potential contribution of those gametes to the next generation.
The company last night insisted managers, employees and unions had worked together to maximise investment, productivity and improvements but said production had proved to be ``uneconomic and inviable.
Desire was recently forced to shelve exploration plans in the North Falklands as the oil price slump made drilling inviable.
But after doing all this, there are still properties we have been unable to defend because it was economically inviable to do so.
In our experience collecting eggs, all those still unhatched 3 days after the start of hatching in a nest have been inviable.
There seems to be among the either the Tories or Labour any men or women of stature, vision, integrity and searing intelligence who can excite our imaginations and make Britain once more an inviable nation.
a seed with a triploid embryo but inviable endosperm.
It is a momentous day," said Bob Schumacher, United's managing director for sales (UK & Ireland), who revealed the airline had almost looked to introduce the route in 2007, but that the global financial downturn had made it inviable.