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It's invidious for the businessman and invidious for the party itself," he added.
The current court - all of whose members, I hasten to add, are my friends in whose fairness, intelligence and freedom from bias I have complete confidence - has, nonetheless, shown a conspicuous willingness to overrule precedent, particularly when doing so is, in their eyes, compelled by "original intent" and "plain text" - both of which could excuse rolling back the protections against invidious discrimination that for decades have inhered in Article I, Section 20.
The officers trying to administer Anglesey Council, over recent years, have faced an invidious position.
So I ask all other bodies to leave it to those who have been put in this invidious position to make a decision in the best possible interests of the game.
OUR VIEW DEPRESSION - the so-called 'Black Dog' that destroys lives and families - is an invidious illness.
It really places Muslim women who choose to wear that garb in a pretty invidious situation.
Managing director of High Fliers Research, Martin Birchall said: "This highlights the invidious position that universities have been put in by the Government's decision to cut funding for undergraduate teaching from 2012 and replace it with substantially higher student tuition fees.
The story is older than the Manchester mills, so don't get carried away by the media excitement about Sir Alex Ferguson's increased dislike of invidious spenders Manchester City.
Iqbal raises the question of whether a showing of invidious discrimination (4) is required in a free exercise claim.
Inevitably, standards are uneven and it would be invidious to single out any particular item.
The whole debate about assisted suicide puts doctors in an incredibly invidious position.
I am surprised that a club with such a potentially large membership should find itself in such an invidious position.