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Invidious Partisan Intent Is Not Just "Politics" 2024
He scores this point against Hoff's invidious indictment.
"It's invidious for the businessman and invidious for the party itself," he added.
The western diet of refined food, super-sized portions and the invidious presence of sugar in almost all commercially prepared foods is once again in the spotlight -- thanks to a new documentary that draws attention to the threat inherent in modern diets.
Constitution, prohibiting invidious discrimination based on race, religion, gender and other traits unrelated to merit.
The Queen was put in an invidious position when Conservative and Liberal Democrat Ministers, supported by Labour politicians, sought state control by using the antiquated Privy Council to reject a tough independent system of regulation proposed by the newspaper industry.
"Passive following triggers invidious emotions, with users mainly envying happiness of others, the way others spend their vacations and socialize," the report stated.
"So I ask all other bodies to leave it to those who have been put in this invidious position to make a decision in the best possible interests of the game.
It almost goes without saying that the quality of dancing is universally excellent, so much so that it is almost invidious to spotlight individual contributions (although that's the job, so one has to record that on opening night Robert Parker was a singularly compelling magician and Cline Gittens a show-stealing Rose Fairy).
OUR VIEW DEPRESSION - the so-called 'Black Dog' that destroys lives and families - is an invidious illness.
It really places Muslim women who choose to wear that garb in a pretty invidious situation.
Managing director of High Fliers Research, Martin Birchall said: "This highlights the invidious position that universities have been put in by the Government's decision to cut funding for undergraduate teaching from 2012 and replace it with substantially higher student tuition fees."