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This was the invidious distinction between them and the Sour-doughs, who, forsooth, made their bread from sour-dough because they had no baking-powder.
There were so many drinks to be drunk, and as the warm magic poured through our veins and mellowed our voices and affections we knew it was no time to make invidious distinctions--to drink with this shipmate and to decline to drink with that shipmate.
The distinction between being native born and foreign born was sharp and invidious in those days.
Consider the intimate and curious acquaintance one makes with various kinds of weeds -- it will bear some iteration in the account, for there was no little iteration in the labor -- disturbing their delicate organizations so ruthlessly, and making such invidious distinctions with his hoe, levelling whole ranks of one species, and sedulously cultivating another.
I remonstrated, rather annoyed at the invidious position she was forcing on me in a sense.
For which reason the antients used, on such occasions, to sacrifice to the goddess Nemesis, a deity who was thought by them to look with an invidious eye on human felicity, and to have a peculiar delight in overturning it.
Where the courses were few, but each a triumph of its kind, it would be invidious to single out any one dish; but the Jambon de Westphalie au Champagne tempts me sorely.
As these taunts were accompanied with invidious comparisons between Mr.
I am sure James is genuinely sympathetic but he is in an invidious position.
The western diet of refined food, super-sized portions and the invidious presence of sugar in almost all commercially prepared foods is once again in the spotlight -- thanks to a new documentary that draws attention to the threat inherent in modern diets.
Constitution, prohibiting invidious discrimination based on race, religion, gender and other traits unrelated to merit.
The weather forecasters are in an invidious position.