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94) But in 1978, the Court for the first time confronted the question whether a race-based affirmative action policy benefiting racial minorities was to be subjected to the same strict scrutiny applied to laws that invidiously discriminated against them.
This EU intransigence meant that Iran was being invidiously singled out as the only party to the NPT that was forbidden to have uranium enrichment on its own soil.
80) Though none of the capacity-based restrictions were imposed invidiously, the remedy is still considered fairly extraordinary as it contravenes the general preference for freedom to contract, (81) and the taw presumes capacity absent evidence otherwise.
Invidiously, some larger companies are using their size to secure what are effectively unworkable payment terms with a number of SME corporate customers and clients unilaterally extending their payment terms in the last twelve months.
Palestinian rights activists invidiously call these Jewish residents/Israeli nationals "settlers" and label Israeli control of the West Bank and its former control of Gaza as "occupation.
Foreign experts financed by the World Bank, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and related agencies swarmed into Nigeria conducting demographic surveys, running workshops on birth control, and building surgical theaters to demonstrate the technique of vasectomy; USAID provided millions of units of birth control pills; and, most invidiously, the World Bank loaned millions of dollars to spread family planning to the rural population (Federici 1995: 46).
While the truly remarkable new letters, new details, and new poem are indeed most welcome, the collect of negatives, the lack of a steady and continuous narrative, the number of distracting leaps, the perpetuation of a thinly veiled agenda which invidiously compares Equiano with Wheatley, all militate against this present effort and beg for another truly objective reconstruction of Phillis Wheatley's courageous and wonderfully creative life.
To address and remedy these defects in the administrative structure underpinning the family tax provisions, this article advocates an approach to documenting family for tax purposes that does" not invidiously discriminate among taxpayers.
We have determined that [California's] funding scheme invidiously discriminates against the poor," read the nearly unanimous (6 to 1) decision in Serrano v.
education was being compared invidiously to the Soviet Union's, notably in the famous Life magazine cover story of March 24, 1958, in the wake of the Sputnik launch.