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If these criteria engage critical reflection now, it will most likely be on account of their oppressive invidiousness with respect to class and gender.
91-1837, 91-1839, 1992 WL 358481, at *15 (requiring finding of invidiousness or bad faith to find equal protection violation of selective enforcement under FDCA).
Certainly Aboriginal people in this country have faced a history of discrimination similar in its invidiousness to that faced by African-Americans.
378) The problem is exacerbated by the difficulty of differentiating provability, extrajudicial considerations, and invidiousness.
The struggle by women in law to shake off the seeds of invidiousness that attach to them is not the history of benchmark men, a narrative that has already received extensive attention.
Separated by many miles and months, their happiness and wellbeing was slowly eroded by the meddling and invidiousness of family and friends.
17) For good discussion of the meaning of "discrimination," see Mark Strasser, "The Invidiousness of Invidiousness: On the Supreme Court's Affirmative Action Jurisprudence," Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly 21 (1994) 323-403; and Owen M.
The potential for invidiousness and odiousness becomes clear when disciplinary comparison moves into the social sciences, most notably in the form of social Darwinism.