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Both of these core justifications for the Court's increasingly stringent review of affirmative action programs--inherent invidiousness and cross-contextual consistency--arguably should have had profound implications for the use of race in family law.
Because contemporary equal protection jurisprudence focuses on motive, courts have failed to meaningfully address the pipeline's systemic invidiousness.
The increased presence of Blacks in the suburbs illustrates not merely an intraracial class disjuncture, but also the disjuncture between our understanding of race and our apparent unawareness of the invidiousness of class.
Again, most schools cut social studies to focus more instructional time on math and reading--hardly the type of evidence of invidiousness that has led courts to invalidate state actions on disparate impact grounds.
concurring and dissenting in part) ("I have long believed the level of scrutiny employed in an equal protection case should vary with 'the constitutional and societal importance of the interest adversely affected and the recognized invidiousness of the basis upon which the particular classification is drawn.
That way invidiousness, if not downright madness, lies.
But this would be unfair, and not only because of the invidiousness of comparisons between filtered past and relatively raw present.
On the other hand, Sethe's act provides a model for the solitude and uniqueness, the singularity, the incommensurability with moral law, the terrifying invidiousness, of all true ethical decision and act.
He protested the invidiousness of subtle, Northern forms of racism and announced that he and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference would devote all of their resources to a non-violent campaign.
If these criteria engage critical reflection now, it will most likely be on account of their oppressive invidiousness with respect to class and gender.
211) However, this impact certainly does not rise to the level of pervasive invidiousness present in Gomillion v.
One might well ask: Where was the invidiousness that is the hallmark of a denial of equal protection?