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The spring protests could include refusing to invigilate exams, work to rule and day-long strikes if college governors adopt the structure.
The pay dispute has disrupted exams at 40 per cent of British universities, with lecturers refusing to set, mark and invigilate papers.
To the Christian right this will always be anathema, since the guidelines accept the propriety of a homosexual essence, and invigilate not sin but tactlessness.
Knut's Deputy National Treasurer James Ndiku said the Teachers Service Commission has interdicted several teachers after mistakes occurred in practical examinations after they were forced by their employer to invigilate the examinations against their will."Teachers are coerced by TSC to invigilate the national examinations only for them to carry the blame when a mishap occurs.
They may want people to invigilate exams, or show visitors around campus on open days: extra money for just a few hours' work
D Rigby, of St Helens, agrees: "I wanted to say how amusing I thought Valerie Hill's piece (Daily Post, July 28) was about having to invigilate a children's Cycling Proficiency Test when she wanted to go shopping in the Trafford Centre.
Thousands of students across the region are in the grip of exam chaos due to lecturers' refusals to set, invigilate or mark papers.
"In addition, from September 2005, teachers should not be required to invigilate external examinations."
She was going down some stairs on her way to invigilate a GCSE exam when she slipped and fell eight steps.
It is now illegal for teachers to be asked to cover exams in Welsh schools - but head teachers have spoken of their fears that paying extra staff to invigilate will stretch under-pressure budgets to breaking point.
Asked whether the Government would take action to stop a boycott going ahead, Mr Balls said that, although head teachers were legally obliged to invigilate Sats, it was not "simply about legal obligations".