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Tenders are invited for Provision of Remotely Invigilated Assessments (E-Proctoring).
The case involved a reading SATs exam which Mr Giblin invigilated for 13 pupils aged 10 and 11 on May 11, 2015.
The four - who are currently studying for their A levels - took part in a two-hour invigilated exam along with around 4,000 other students from across the UK.
John Bartlett, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said Hawley had been employed in various roles at the university and that for seven months she had worked as an examinations officer looking after those who invigilated in exams, a job which involved "substantial responsibility."
A teacher from the West Lakes Academy in Egremont invigilated as the 16-year-old took his maths paper only days after the shootings.
There are up to 6.5 million subject entries this June, but although exam conditions are strictly invigilated Dr McLone said cheating is not considered a worry in UK schools.
I invigilated and I saw the look on their little faces and it was pitiful.
"I imagine a lot of English galleries will be unable to afford to have each room invigilated by staff and can't afford a fancy alarm system."
Students' exams are normally invigilated by external staff not lecturers.
Request for proposal: Provision of remotely invigilated assessments (e-proctoring)