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He said: "The advantage of the system is that teachers are not taken away from carrying out their work and can continue teaching, rather than invigilating.
The other teachers shown invigilating examinations are suspicious but ineffectual mostly and only catch a few of the cheaters because they spoke.
I was invigilating the English Literature GCSE and Mark was sat in the front row.
They had met on December 7,2005 while they were both invigilating exams at Anfield football ground.
Thus, Langub describes assessing family school fees, invigilating exams, and keeping completed scripts under lock and key.
Where Yang prevails in wu mode, Gu is very much in the background, sometimes invigilating over her conduct as a xia, as in the scene during the Battle of the Haunted Castle sequence where Gu suddenly appears to warn Yang about her "soft nature hindering the process of great affairs" as she hesitates to kill an enemy who cries for mercy.
The food and wine was excellent, and the staff were welcoming, although as the only diners for more than an hour, it was slightly unnerving to have the two waitresses hovering in the background watching us as if invigilating an exam.
Unfortunately, the same students were subject to a further mix-up by invigilating staff for the Monday exam.
Anyhow, it was a relief that the birds had not seen my acrobat pass by; it is certain that as bored as they were, tired of invigilating without any results for possible deserters or rebel acrobats, they would have thrown themselves on top of her without any modesty, happy to sink their beaks and their claws into her flesh much more tender, much more sweet, much lighter, fresher, and finer, since they had been assigned to guard the circus.
Where formerly religious songs "carried a political bite," were "Islamic-minded" and therefore "critical of laxity in social mores," now, Bowen unsentimentally laments, Gayo oral compositions are reduced to "songs to be appreciated for their beauty and perduring religious truth," yet another tableau vivant in an ethnographic museum dedicated to celebrating, and in celebrating to containing - nay, to invigilating - the nation's "plurality.
Coppers so docile they should be invigilating cycling proficiency tests, the type of phoney twist your sad uncle gives when he's had a skinful, and half-hearted violence where even the rott-weilers looked like Andrex puppies.