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In a complete reversal of roles, students took on the role of exam invigilators, as parents sweated it out in the exam hall.
The majority of students will not need to use the toilet during an exam, but if they do, our experienced invigilator team will supervise closely, but sensitively, to ensure that no cheating takes place.
People say that invigilators are arrogant, rude and deliberately fail candidates.
Local professional darts player Gary Robson will be the official invigilator at the event.
On entering the exam room, the male candidate dutifully informed the invigilator.
Mr Griffiths, of Highgrove Place, Dudley, also admitted to letting his daughter sit her GCSE maths exams in the absence of an independent invigilator.
Joy, who works as a mobile hairdresser, a supply creche worker and an examinations invigilator, lives in Coulby Newham.
When he was sitting the CIMA Management Accounting Fundamentals (FMAF) examination, Datta was found by the exam invigilator to be in possession of unauthorised material--namely, his handwritten notes--in contravention of rule 10 of the institute's exam rules.
An invigilator reminded them to switch off phones and bring them to the front of the hall.
This could mean the department needs to review the current methods used in appointing the invigilators and who is eligible to be an invigilator.
Upon checking, it was found they had images of the question paper on WhatsApp," said an invigilator on duty who did not wish to be named.
The affected students, who took part in Wednesday's protest, called for the chief invigilator, Lutfullah Sapi, to be put on trial.