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If you've got an invigilator trying to watch somebody, that student can then turn around and say, 'why are you gazing at me?
A proposal for discussions notes in some schools inexperienced invigilators are being employed.
The chosen 10, whose role as invigilators will provide a crucial link between visitors and art works by helping to promote the exhibition and ensure artwork on display is secure, will spend two and a half months working in Venice.
Photograph of the examinee and admit card carried by me were dissimilar with invigilator and admit card carried by her, " said Neha, a girl accused of impersonating a candidate.
Durrani said he had asked the invigilators to check the answer sheets in his presence, but his calls were rejected.
They were not caught red- handed by the flying squad of invigilators.
HEAD TEACHERS in Wales may have to break the law to find invigilators for school exams this summer.
New Delhi, January 15 (ANI): Invigilators in China are worried that those sitting for highly competitive national exams are taking to hi-tech items, such as neatly disguised wireless transmitters, to cheat.
Pupils who stooped to using mobile phone scams, "cheat sheets" and plagiarising the internet have all been caught by the SQA invigilators.
School is not just about reading, writing, arithmetic and impressing invigilators.
RAWALPINDI -- Induction of lady invigilators in the boys examination center at MC Boys High School Millat Colony near Committee chowk Rawalpindi has evoked grave concern among the candidates and social and civil society organizations.
To conduct the exam smoothly more than 1,000 teachers have been deputed as Resident Inspectors , Superintendents , Invigilators while District Monitoring Officer , EDO(Education) , DEO , DDEOs and mobile inspectors are closely supervising the exam process.