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Citizens is looking at continued and increased success of our consumer banking platform, the turnaround of our commercial line of business, the invigoration of our wealth management line, and we have made a successful entry into Oakland County, Michigan, one of the best and fastest growing markets in the country," Hartman said during remarks at the West Coast SuperCommunity Bank Conference here.
Experts say the higher exports in January were a result of the mild invigoration in the stock markets across the world.
In a bedroom, pale walls coupled with crisp, white bed linen give a feeling of invigoration.
Invigoration of the Euro-region Skopje-NisSofia was the subject discussed Monday by Skopje Mayor Koce Trajanovski and Sofia Deputy Mayor Ljubomir Georgiev Hristov.
Diet Pepsi MAX serves up the invigoration they're looking for in a familiar, great-tasting beverage -- a zero-calorie diet cola.
Following the Christmas festivities they may be feeling a little jaded and lethargic, time for a spot of invigoration.
Those searching for something even more out of the ordinary can book a Specialty trip that combines the invigoration of heli-hiking with specific interests.
Regeneration should lead to a revitalisation of an area or a community, an invigoration with an expectation of sustainability and lasting improvement.
In a busy life, they provide a moment of privacy, warmth and invigoration.
Four natural scents engage the body and mind for total relaxation, stress relief and invigoration.
The success of rural telecoms is critical to the economic invigoration of rural America as a whole and the revitalization of rural communities is strategic to the future of the United States.
In an age of economic uncertainty, rest assured that no company will ever sever its links with an employee who invites his colleagues around for nights of such throbbing invigoration.