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When I was asked whether the All Blacks have lost their aura of invincibility I simply spoke about what I had been through myself, as a player involved with the All Blacks, being undefeated for 50 games.
As a company achieves institutional success it is exposed to a creeping virus that often manifests itself in the form of entitlement and invincibility.
The aura of invincibility which shrouded Leicester and their midlands stronghold when they ruled the Zurich Premiership has faded over the past two seasons and seemed to have disappeared altogether earlier this year.
Karadzic's continued freedom gives those returnees a sense that all has not yet been put right, while his aura of invincibility has grown among Serbia's Serbs and the 700,000 Bosnian Serbs.
Idiopathic: also signaling the end of some form of clinical invincibility.
That, together with two backto-the-wall victories against England and New Zealand, has created an aura of invincibility around the world champions.
And even if he could someday find himself in combat, Samuels has an 18-year-old's sense of invincibility.
It is Bradsher's book that will likely do the most damage to years of clever marketing aimed at constructing the Yuppie appeal and perceived invincibility of a vehicle that has been one of Detroit's most lucrative products.
During the investigation dialogue, two additional issues developed: First, would helmets increase the vaulter's perceived feeling of invincibility and safety, causing him to take chances he may not otherwise take?
The portraits are presented without contextualization, but even viewers without a knowledge of the images' specific origins will be instantly aware of their superhero aura of invincibility.
Darren has been raised by his white father and black mother to a state of supreme self-confidence, with a sense of entitlement and invincibility.
A RING of extremist cults claiming to possess mystical powers of invincibility have been uncovered by authorities in Malaysia.