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Will you maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Church of England, and the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government thereof, as by law established in England?
The motives which call for the adoption of the most rigid system of public economy that may be consistent with the eternal rules of Justice and doubtless at this time particularly forcible; and were the necessity for it even less imperative than it is, we should still feel, that, as the wants of this country are greater than could conveniently be removed at once, much care and judgment ought to be exercised in the selection of the objects which are most immediately conducive to her happiness; and that even upon these not one farthing should be expended more than is absolutely requisite to the attainment of them upon that moderate scale of expense which, on any accounts, should be inviolably adhered to in every department of the Government.
"The idea of a university education is inviolably associated with the idea of place" (p.
Not even in the deeply-entrenched democracies where the rule of law is embedded so reverentially and inviolably. Even those polities despite all their strong institutional dispositions find themselves at a loss as to how to mesh up harmoniously the inviolability of fundamental rights with no lesser critically pressing demands of security.
VIII, [section] 3 ("the income [of the Common School fund] shall be inviolably appropriated to the support of Common Schools, and to no other purpose whatever.").
The structure and molecular composition of the crystalline solids are inviolably related to the mechanical hardness.
(57) Cosi BINGHAM, A New Practical Digest of the Law of Evidence containing the Substance of all Statutes and adjudged cases respecting the credibility and competence of witnesses in the courts of law and equity, London 1796, 1 s., per il quale "the discovery of truth is of the utmost consequence to the good of society, so it lays men under the strongest obligations, when called upon to give their evidence, to adhere inviolably to truth; and this is a matter not only enjned by the precept of religion, but also by those of reason; the violation of truth being a sin against human society, as it breaks in upon that correspondence which is necessary to sociable creatures, by destroying the end of language, which is the common tie and hand of society".
This is a clear articulation of the mystery of the creative mind and the inviolably plural character of the created reality.
In order for physicalism, scientifically, to be the absolute and inviolable truth it is treated as, it would have to be demonstrated scientifically, absolutely and inviolably. And I don't see that proof anywhere.
(46) As Vasari's Vita also notes, Pius V (1504-72) then 'wished that Michelangelo's drawings be followed inviolably during the tenure of the succeeding architects Pirro Ligorio and Jacopo Vignola.' ('Volse che si eseguissi inviolabilmente i disegni fatti da Michelagenolo, mentre che furono esecutori di quella Pirro Ligorio e Iacopo Vignola architetti.') (47) Pirro Ligorio (c.
To this sublime policy he inviolably adhered, unmoved by foreign intrusion, unshaken by domestic turbulence.