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The inviolate spirit turns their spite against the wrongdoers.
Preserved by three Brahmins, the inviolate deity, bearing the Yellow Diamond in its forehead, was removed by night, and was transported to the second of the sacred cities of India-- the city of Benares.
His old sweetheart, being in fact so near at hand that she was then reclining against him in a flutter, a very substantial angle of forty-five degrees, here interposed to assure Mistress Affery with greater earnestness than directness of asseveration, that what she heard should go no further, but should be kept inviolate, 'if on no other account on Arthur's--sensible of intruding in being too familiar Doyce and Clennam's.
The reason is not radio collars but lack of inviolate space.
This arrogance of having the complete, absolute, irrevocable truth is the sad expose of a fearful hierarchy and papacy who viewed Vatican n renewals and reforms as a betrayal of the church's inviolate position as God's instrument to the world.
Separation of church and state is essential to this freedom, and we must insist that it be kept inviolate.
Pursuant to the order of Honourable Supreme Court and in line with the provisions of Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Ordinance, 2014 and subsequent Rules, Ministry of Coal will commence the first batch of e-auction process for the 25-1=24 (Marki Mangli II being in inviolate area as informed by MoEF) Schedule II mines from tomorrow, December 25, 2014.
First, the plaintiff argued that section 60-19a02 violates section 5 of the Kansas Constitution's Bill of Rights, which provides: "The right of trial by jury shall be inviolate.
That is, each branch of the new government must have its own separate and inviolate powers.
This signalled an unexpected opportunity to expand inviolate habitat for tigers in a specific human-dominated landscape by meeting larger livelihood issues for local people, such as better access to education and health services.