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This signalled an unexpected opportunity to expand inviolate habitat for tigers in a specific human-dominated landscape by meeting larger livelihood issues for local people, such as better access to education and health services.
To say to them so quietly, almost with the motion of the Buddha dispelling fear, that they have power enough to bide their time, to stand sentry at the inviolate gates of Moscow, to watch their enemy retreat, is to trust to the mandate given and the absolute power assumed.
jury shall remain inviolate," (33) as was common in American state
99) In 1820, Missouri's state constitution was written and included that the right to a jury trial shall "remain inviolate.
Protecting parkland is an investment for the future, the city's green lungs need to be inviolate, and their immense worth to the city given proper recognition.
as inviolate, tampered don't see There are two things wrong with the whole concept of "updating" Jane Austen, though.
The PDF is stored within the logger to provide a permanent inviolate record.
India, July 28 -- Decoding the Supreme Court's order banning tourism activity in core area of tiger reserves shows that the court's intention was to have zones inviolate from human interference to protect tigers.
With this pledge inviolate, may in accepting this parchment of my Alma Mater, it be granted me to enrich my life in the practice of my art, thus to worship God in the service of mankind.
His erasure principle has long been regarded as the foundation for the study of the physics underlying information processing; it is inviolate regardless of what sort of machine or physical system is doing the computing.
Under the Cypriot constitution, Christofias' position is inviolate as no mechanisms exist to precipitate his removal, his mandate being for a five-year term, come what may.