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1998) have studied the influence of Rankine vortices in an inviscid thermal boundary layer flow for different vortex orientations.
Assuming the electrical conductivity to be infinite and the direction of magnetic field to be tangential to the trajectories of the gas particles, the governing equations for one dimensional, inviscid, unsteady motion of non-ideal gas in presence of magnetic field may be written as Rosenau and Frankenthal [6] and Srivastava [7]
propylene glycol confirms the validity of inviscid circulation model for Newtonian fluids.
Recall that the pressure drop from the gas injection point to the gas tip is small because of the inviscid nature of gas.
The appendix reviews flow conservation equations, formulation of vortex particle methods, one-dimensional inviscid relations, and Prandtl's lifting line theory.
1/4]) which implies that the lowest order pressure gradient along the x-direction can be determined from the inviscid flow solution.
which introduces the additional simplification of inviscid airflow.
The author emphasizes recent developments in the field of gas dynamics and hypersonic theory to revise existing dated monographs, and reveals how computational mathematics and other analytical methods can be used to address previously unsolvable problems of inviscid and viscous gas dynamics.
Eppler's Program System PROFIL is a non-interacted inviscid plus boundary layer method (Eppler et al.