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Here the wing has been modified with a sharp trailing edge in order to be compatible with inviscid flow solution.
Energetic particles themselves and their various multi-dimensional descriptions can be re-interpreted as complex evolutions of the pseudo-chaotic motions of an inviscid superfluid medium.
The inviscid fluxes are evaluated by an upwind scheme based on the flux-difference splitting of Roe (1986), and the viscous fluxes are discretized by the second-order-accurate, centered-differencing (Hino, 1998).
of Memphis) presents thirteen chapters covering fundamental concepts, fluid statics, base equations of fluid mechanics, dimensional analysis and dynamical similitude, flow in closed conduits, flow over immersed bodies, flow in open channels, compressible flow, turbomachinery, measurements in fluid mechanics, the Navier-Stokes equations, inviscid flow, and boundary-layer flow.
They have compared the picture obtained with the aid of the numerical method with the inviscid incompressible flow, and the experimental results and have shown that a plunging airfoil can produce drag, zero drag, or thrust depending on the motion parameters (reduced frequency and plunging amplitude).
Jaeger PhT, Janssen JJM, Groeneweg F, Agterof WGM (1994) Coalescence in emulsions containing inviscid drops with high interfacial mobility.
Away from this discontinuity surface, viscous and heat conduction effects are usually negligible and flow field may be modeled through inviscid equations of motion.
The purpose of this section is to calculate the forces between sources and sinks in inviscid incompressible fluids which is called ideal fluids usually.
The text integrates the simple stages of fluid mechanics with those involving more complex parameters, including inviscid flow in multidimensions, viscous flow and turbulence, and an introduction to computational fluid dynamics.
SAVINI, A high-order accurate discontinuous finite element method for inviscid and viscous turbomachinery flows, in Proceedings of 2nd European Conference on Turbomachinery, Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics, R.