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Some obviously are seeking salvation from the perceived magic of invisibility available in the makeshift shops around the church of the miraculous Black Nazarene.
Most approaches tend to rely on manipulating electromagnetic waves and optics - when it comes to invisibility cloaks, the idea is basically to find a way to get the waves to divert in an orderly way around an object - but there are others who say moving to a digital approach may be the way to go.
Scientists in the United States have developed a material that works the same way as the invisibility cloak.
The experiment suggested that far from being psychologically damaging, invisibility might prove therapeutic for people suffering from social anxiety disorder.
Importantly, the developed technique made it possible to switch from visibility to invisibility regimes at the same frequency of 1.
I know all about invisibility because during a science experiment at school me and my mates made an invisibility cloak.
Harry Potter also made an appearance, with his famous invisibility cloak proving to be a brilliant analogy for the students.
Recently, a review paper reviewed pointed out that the combination of "forward designs" and "inverse designs" rather than using a single cloaking strategy is very likely to make invisibility cloaks far more realistic.
And yet it becomes clear that many of the annoyances Griffin hoped to avoid via invisibility are heightened instead.
The device, unveiled at a tech conference in California, makes flesh the fictional invisibility cloak worn by Harry Potter at Hogwarts.
So, when I viewed the DVD, I felt it reinforced the invisibility of the aged.