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Hence, in every family of position and consideration, "back motion" is as prevalent as time itself; and the husbands and sons in these households enjoy immunity at least from invisible attacks.
But the invisible face is still more searched by the heat than the visible face.
Indeed," continued Barbicane, "when the invisible face receives at the same time light and heat from the sun, it is because the moon is new; that is to say, she is situated between the sun and the earth.
So," said Nicholl, "there is a hemisphere, that invisible hemisphere which is very ill supplied, very ill treated, by nature.
So, avoiding high lights, not only will such a body cast no shadow, but, since it reflects no light, it will also be invisible.
It was his invisible dog, or rather, what had been his invisible dog, for it was now plainly visible.
There must be somebody pretty near her; he must be mentally invisible.
What is the usual get-up of a mentally invisible man?
You men with white faces who despise the invisible voices.
I had sadly broken sleep when I got to bed, through thinking of the strange man taking aim at me with his invisible gun, and of the guiltily coarse and common thing it was, to be on secret terms of conspiracy with convicts - a feature in my low career that I had previously forgotten.
She opened an invisible side door in the wall, masked by one of the pictures--disappeared through it like a ghost--and left us together alone in the hall.
The next flight of steps, turning in the reverse direction, was faintly illuminated, like the hall below, by one oil-lamp, placed in some invisible position above us.