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The act by which an owner or occupier of particular land or premises encourages or attracts others to enter, remain in, or otherwise make use of his or her property.

Common examples of those who extend invitations are the proprietors of stores, theaters, or banks, since they invite the general public to enter and utilize their facilities.

An individual who enters property as a result of an invitation is owed a higher duty of care than one who is a trespasser or licensee, one who enters another's property for his or her own purposes. The owner of property must exercise reasonable care toward an invitee to ascertain that the property is safe for his or her use.


noun advance, allurement, appeal, approach, attraction, bid, bidding, call, challenge, enticement, incitement, inducement, invitatio, offer, overture, petition, plea, proffer, prompting, proposal, proposition, provocative, request, solicitation, summons, tender, urging
Associated concepts: business invitation, invitation to bid, license by invitation
See also: instigation, monition, overture, provocation, request, seduction
References in classic literature ?
He was sorry he had accepted Pontellier's invitation.
His hospitable attentions were brief, but expressive, being confined to a shake of the hand, a slap on the shoulder, a loud laugh, and a pressing invitation to "fall to, and help themselves.
A very gracious invitation was returned, and the evening no longer dreaded by the fair mistress of the mansion.
Dashwood as remaining there till she could accommodate herself with a house in the neighbourhood, his invitation was accepted.
An invitation to dinner was soon afterwards dispatched; and already had Mrs.
We returned a suitable answer to this affectionate Note and after thanking her for her kind invitation assured her that we would certainly avail ourselves of it, whenever we might have no other place to go to.
MY DEAR BROTHER,--I can no longer refuse myself the pleasure of profiting by your kind invitation when we last parted of spending some weeks with you at Churchhill, and, therefore, if quite convenient to you and Mrs.
Adam eagerly opened the letter which had only just arrived, and conveyed a cordial invitation to stop with his grand-uncle at Lesser Hill, for as long a time as he could spare.
Forty-eight hours later the unbelievable had happened; every one had refused the Mingotts' invitation except the Beauforts and old Mr.
Strickland was glad to show me her children, and she accepted my invitation with alacrity.
I received the invitation yesterday; made Mouston post hither with my wardrobe, and only this morning discovered my misfortune; and from now till the day after to- morrow, there isn't a single fashionable tailor who will undertake to make me a suit.
A few days afterward he sent me an invitation to deliver an address at the next meeting of the Educational Association.