invite competition

See: challenge
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This notice is not intended to invite competition, nor is competition desired.
Require local councils to invite competition from other groups when setting up any new secondary schools in an area.
Most importantly, we believe profit margins associated with rating insured bonds are sufficiently high to invite competition.
The Cable Act contains some very important provisions that allow local governments that pay attention to what they are doing, the right to say "no" to renewals or to invite competition in the form of additional operators or a replacement for the incumbent.
This saves the provider the expense of hiring on LAN specialists or bringing in other providers to share the job which ultimately can invite competition and lengthen the sales cycle.
Defence Logistics Organisation (Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation) will invite competition in connection with the establishment of exclusive framework agreements for the purchase of equipment for the Armed Forces as well as a maintenance contract for the entire existing fleet of trucks in the Armed Forces.