invite the attention

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MUZAFFARABAD -- Kashmiris on both sides of Line of Control observed Black Day on Tuesday to invite the attention of International community towards illegal Indian occupation in Jammu and Kashmir.
I want to invite the attention of judiciary that as per law any one who gives false statement or takes or gives bribery or promises to give bribery is corrupt and is not entitled to contest Senate polls , he said.
The party's recent promise of sub- quotas for economically deprived Muslims should invite the attention of the EC
Awareness campaign, through beat officers and member of the citizen Security & Vigilance Committee to invite the attention of general public for installation of alarm systems within their vehicles, has also been launched to sensitize the public.
Celebrating a unique age-old tradition, men from neighbouring towns and villages flock to Barsana, geared with shields, and sing provocative songs to invite the attention of women.
The students at what was previously known as the Government College for Girls said they had repeatedly asked the principal to remove the plate with the new name, fearing it would invite the attention of militants.
Apart from attending to doors and windows, be sensible and don't leave things on display that may invite the attention of would-be thieves.
I invite the attention of the authorities to this matter which has far-reaching adverse impact on the health of children.
Its compact organization will invite the attention of nonspecialists as well as experts.
Blogs are a good way to invite the attention of students without asking them to make a commitment.
But, like leaving your house door open on a warm summer's day, a lack of foresight can invite the attention of opportunist thieves.
He expects a letter from her, but when it doesn't arrive, he calls the child Gogol after the Russian writer whose book of short stories he had been reading when his train met with an accident and which he waved to invite the attention of the rescuers to help him out of the debris in which he was trapped.