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As she shows in the second part of the book, the Arabs were portrayed as a race that saw violence as a central element of their culture, which they very much needed and invocated.
C] is the probability that component C will successfully perform its service which is invocated by message from another component.
Summing up, in the type of examples invocated by Callahan and Murphy, slaves are self-owners that are allowed to speak freely.
39) Since then dozens of young monks have been ordained and like in the past in Tibet, Dorje Drakden (Nechung) is daily invocated in their prayers.
For each packet received the method <<toProcessPacket>> is invocated, it updates the values of the signals in the "bag" structure and invocates the functions of calculus of the objectives affected by the change, which notify their results to the output pipe <<pipeOut>>.