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Recalling Holocaust testimonial literature, Balconies of the North Sea is replete with imagery invocating fire, ashes and odors of human flesh.
Indeed, as part of the Adeptus Minor oath Yeats had solemnly pledged "never to work at any important Symbol or Talisman without first invocating the Highest Divine Names connected therewith" (EQ 1(3) 214); his poetry was supposed to be inherently magical.
Then (ii) I explain how Sosa's unorthodox views about dreaming can be used against those who would defend P2 by invocating the spectre of dreams.
The argument I propose here is that, for Victorians, invocating the divine as a vitiated category provided this kind of exodus (or, perhaps more accurately, expulsion) from fantasies of a beyond that also alienate the present.