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Kim turned it over with the air of a wise warlock, muttering a Mohammedan invocation.
The Kamboh in his corner glared sullenly; the lama was busy over his beads; and Kim, fumbling doctor-fashion at the man's neck, thought out his plan between invocations.
After other interesting exercises, including an invocation from Bishop Nelson, of Georgia, a dedicatory ode by Albert Howell, Jr.
said the man, whistling the sailor's invocation to the wind softly between his teeth.
Hattersley; if God had heard half your invocations of that kind, you would have been in hell long before now - and you cannot make amends for the past by doing your duty for the future, inasmuch as your duty is only what you owe to your Maker, and you cannot do more than fulfil it: another must make amends for your past delinquencies.
There are other fine words in the language such as fascination, fidelity, also frivolity; and as for invocations there are plenty of them, too; for instance: alas, heaven help me.
31 percent stake in Fortis Healthcare pursuant to invocation of nearly 90 million pledged shares last month, Deccan Herald has reported citing a regulatory filing from the bank.
After working with city leaders, Marcus delivered a secular invocation during a December 2014 council meeting.
They said invocation in engineering technology was vital to prepare students for the challenges and massive jobs opportunities in the pretext of billions dollars CPEC project that would benefit all the provinces besides AJK and Gilgit Baltistan.
The piece was not entirely focused on Day, however, but on a Floridian lawyer name David Levin who was inspired to promote a Jewish driver on the racing circuit after he heard Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson give an invocation before a race at Texas Motor Speedway, during which the reality TV actor publicly prayed for "a Jesus man in the White House.
The Select Committee on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA) is considering the request by the KwaZulu-Natal MEC for COGTA to approve the invocation of Section 139 (1) (b) of the Constitution in the ailing Umkhanyakude District Municipality.
Zamboanga City -- The controversy about the singing of the National Anthem ahead of the invocation, discarding the good practice of invocation, continues to draw massive negative reactions from the general public in this city.