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2007) (distinguishing Hein in upholding taxpayer standing to sue county board of commissioners and county planning commission for practice of beginning meetings with invocational prayers: "Here, the expenditures attacked by Plaintiffs are made by a local legislative body--the Cobb County Planning Commission--and thus Hein is inapposite.
Bowen, among other things, drew attention to the poetic excellence of the invocational prayers of traditional Yoruba worship, especially those of Ifa.
Sometimes their verse is intensely poetic and invocational like a trance--"Truth whose eyes have seen the viewless, / Truth, who bore Eternity
AU received complaints that officials at the McKinney Independent School District opened mandatory teacher training with an invocational prayer in the fall of 2003.
In this poem the book announces itself as willing to be open, formally as well as in its subject matter--the leather phallus, of course, is not your usual invocational fare.