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Kennedy's majority opinion required, however, that local governments "maintain a policy of nondiscrimination" in deciding who may present invocations, and that the relevant policies or practices must not "reflect an aversion or bias .
Ancient Sufi Invocations and Forgotten Songs from Aleppo is the first in a series of albums that presents some of the Middle East's oldest sacred music, recorded in Syria just before the country's collapse into war and mass exodus.
An atheist cited the freedoms promoted by the Founding Fathers as he delivered the opening invocation Tuesday at a town meeting in a community whose leaders won a U.
First, although the Court placed a new and demanding requirement on invocations of the right to remain silent, (7) the Court did not require officers to inform suspects of that requirement.
It can be seen in Figure 2, special argument called 'ticket' has to be added on the client side to remote method invocations.
Measure I, leading more than 3-1 in initial results, was drafted to seek residents' approval of current policy to select clergy of different faiths to open meetings with invocations "without restricting the content based on their beliefs, including references to Jesus Christ.
For all of them "Mother of the Silkless: Invocations to the Goddesses and Gods", is a compilation of beautiful and lyrical poetry from dedicated poet Ellen Cooney.
Laced with ancestral invocations and the confluences of polity, these are forthright poems that pound with heart rhythms, ooze with street love and call for a brazen fist.
The final three invocations (O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary) were later added by St.
INVOCATIONS STUDIO in Glasgow are offering one third off their standard studio rate for studio recording sessions.
However, invoking subjects who remain in custody pending trial, or are convicted and sentenced to prison without ever being released from custody continue to benefit from the protections of their invocations for the entire term of imprisonment.
Creole), I posit that measured invocations of dialect demonstrate skill and agency related to the improvisational style that is the hallmark of the traditions and contributions of African-descent peoples in the cultural context of America.