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There was more drama in this abstracted, brow- puckered search through the tabloid-bottles, with a pause here and there for thought and a muttered invocation between whiles.
Kim turned it over with the air of a wise warlock, muttering a Mohammedan invocation.
Without attending to this invocation, we stood by, until he put up his pocket-handkerchief, pulled up his shirt-collar, and, to delude any person in the neighbourhood who might have been observing him, hummed a tune with his hat very much on one side.
In the last act when she began the invocation to the angels, she made all the members of the audience feel as though they too had wings.
After other interesting exercises, including an invocation from Bishop Nelson, of Georgia, a dedicatory ode by Albert Howell, Jr.
said the man, whistling the sailor's invocation to the wind softly between his teeth.
Late last year, members of the chapter were successful in convincing county commissioners to oppose a policy to begin their public meetings with invocations.
Ancient Sufi Invocations & Forgotten Songs from Aleppo
Of the 2,412 people who responded, 67% said, "Yes, atheists should be allowed to give invocations before government meetings.
Town supervisor William Reilich said Monday a variety of views have been represented during invocations, citing the instance of a pagan Wiccan for one.
First, although the Court placed a new and demanding requirement on invocations of the right to remain silent, (7) the Court did not require officers to inform suspects of that requirement.
It can be seen in Figure 2, special argument called 'ticket' has to be added on the client side to remote method invocations.