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Authors of such symbols were challenged to aim for the invocative, polysemous, and polyvalent.
In his latest solo exhibition, he continued to allude to that esoteric strain of religion--or rather spirituality--that he perceives as an important part of the peaceful, meditative essence of his native Algerian culture, and to its use of lyrical chanting as an invocative activity.
The team behind Encounter Point created a well-balanced documentary that comes out as both provocative and invocative.
However, the existence of enslaved Africans in America imparts a new dimension to invocative transformational juba: Beloved was sent to a safe place through the violent protective Aje of a handsaw.
rites which are constitutive and invocative sacraments that are present in the formal worship.
Oratio Imperata is defined as "a set of Roman Catholic invocative prayers consisting of a liturgical action and a short, general prayer which the local ordinary or prelate of the church may publicly pray when a grave need or calamity occurs.