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Invoke is outfitted with HARMAN's SONIQUE far-field voice recognition technology.
Under the partnership Invoke will be marketing the solution in France and UBmatrix will be marketing the solution through its worldwide network of partners.
Custodial subjects who invoke the Miranda right to counsel and, thereafter, are released on bond or bail lose the protection of their invocation and may be subjected to government-initiated interrogation at a later date.
In order to inform and engage we invoke Black Speak as a heuristic device to communicate succinctly meta-meanings that standardized speech forms do not efficiently and effectively allow.
Kathryn Schwarz, in Tough Love, positions herself as working in the tradition of "the enterprise of queering" (9) to be found in the work of Bruce Smith, Jonathan Goldberg, Valerie Traub, and others and also invokes psychoanalytic theory, "not to map our methodologies onto early modern texts, but to illuminate the ways in which those texts are themselves engaged in similar work" (11).
Distributed event notification informs Jini-aware storage devices, so that they can invoke the appropriate upgrades.
Oddly confusing the distinction between American domestic and international law (and thus seeming to say that what Congress had determined about the authority of the president under the United States Constitution was determinative of international law), the same New York Times article then jumped incoherently to the State Department's position that no new Security Council authorization for the use of force was necessary and finally went on again to invoke the 1991 Congressional resolution.
Occasionally, landlords have sought to invoke this trigger where a tenant has moved out its business operations from the premises, but has continued to pay rent and to keep the premises secure.
Moreover, the mere coexistence of debt and stock does not, by itself, invoke section 246A.
It does not grant the taxpayer the right to invoke section 482 to achieve a more favorable allocation of income or deductions which could result in a tax credit or refund.
All such procedures have names of the form invoke <class name>.