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adj. or adv. without intent, will, or choice. Participation in a crime is involuntary if forced by immediate threat to life or health of oneself or one's loved ones, and will result in dismissal or acquittal.

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INVOLUNTARY. An involuntary act is that which is performed with constraint, (q. v.) or with repugnance, or without the will to do it. An action is involuntary then, which is performed under duress. Wolff, Sec. 5. Vide Duress.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The current study will address this gap by comparing the experiences of involuntarily redundant employees with voluntarily redundant employees.
For example, patients may also be treated involuntarily while they are outpatients.
"Many former agricultural quota holders and producers would be interested in investing in such ventures should the capital gain tax on their involuntarily converted quotas be deferred."
Smithy Daja's developing mage talents are revealed when she involuntarily creates a metal vine that appears to be alive.
By voluntarily entering into the experience of suffering, one identifies with those who suffer involuntarily, while making a statement that they are not alone or forgotten.
"I suppose it was quite a political comment about the dance and where it was at," admits Dunne, who is a master of this dance form that is based more on how people move than on, as contemporary choreographer Pina Bausch says, "what moves them." He grew up in a world where girls at Irish dancing competitions would literally sew the arms of their Irish dancing costume onto the bodice to prevent their arms from flailing about involuntarily. Dunne recalls a pad being put on his own left shoulder to balance out an apparent unevenness that emerged as a result of one piece of intricate footwork, Typically, all focus was on virtuoso feats of the feet, to the detriment of gnarled, neglected shoulders.
Supreme Court limited the government's power to involuntarily medicate a mentally ill defendant.
CASE FACTS: Amos Marvel was involuntarily committed to Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) pursuant to the State of New York's Mental Hygiene Law, which provides for emergency care for "any person who appears to be mentally ill and is conducting himself in a manner which is likely to result in serious harm to himself or others." Upon arriving at ECMC's emergency department, a nurse assessed him and placed him in wrist restraints until he could be seen by a physician.
taxpayer is involuntarily footing the bill to subsidize the few at the expense of the many."
Muscles have been observed to continue involuntarily performing a rhythmic activity when they have been stimulated to do so for an extended period of time.
It is unknown whether this had been done voluntarily or involuntarily.
Simpkins plays three characters, one of whom is Daphne Scholinski, the transgendered painter and author of the memoir The Last Time I Wore a Dress, which recounts how she was involuntarily institutionalized as a teenager for "gender identity disorder."