involuntary exile

See: banishment
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(19) "Chosen involuntary exile" implies leaving the country forced by the violent circumstances in search of protection or a better life, getting to another country, in many cases as a refugee, as Carmen and her family did.
Since the new alliance has no mass base in the country, it will be ignored as General Pervez Musharraf is the most unpopular man and his subordinates in the command disrespected him for his unpredictable behaviour and conduct.For this specific reason, he was asked to surrender the command and later on presidency with an involuntary exile for an indefinite period.
During his involuntary exile in the United States in 1980, Simbulan campaigned for an end to America's support for Marcos and the closure of the US bases.
Zelaya thus started a period of involuntary exile in several countries, a clandestine return into Honduras, refuge in the Brazilian Embassy, and exile again--this time in the Dominican Republic, where he was safely taken in, with his family, by then Dominican President Leonel Fernandez (2004-2012).
This trend has continued today in Africa as writers are forced to leave their countries either through voluntary or involuntary exile.
Chancy has also delineated the specific conditions that force people to leave their countries of origin and live in involuntary exile:
With its comprehensive bibliography (also of titles available in English), the work should furthermore prove a valuable tool for those starting research on Salten, and for those who encounter Salten in their engagement with other aspects of Austrian culture during the period in which he was active, a period stretching from the heyday of Young Vienna in the early 1890s to the days of involuntary exile for so many Austrian writers of Jewish extraction, like Salten himself.
Solzhenitsyn who was born on December 11, 1918 in Kislovodsk, Russia, underwent twenty years of involuntary exile in the West, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, returned to live in Moscow and continue writing his observations and commentaries about the social, ethical, and political issues of our time.
I am not eligible to vote for Plaid Cymru here in involuntary exile.
In this way this novel proposes yet another shade in the spectrum of positions between voluntary and involuntary exile: the decision to leave home is not represented as one motivated by individual desire or will, but rather it seems to evolve in a historical process which brings a generation or nation collectively to the point of departure.
After his release, secured through international pressure and the personal intervention of Jimmy Carter, he went into involuntary exile.
Accepting a gift of flowers from Zairian refugee Gloria Lukaso she added: "We have a long history of involuntary exile and a unique understanding of the complex mix of pain and gain involved.