involuntary liquidation

See: bankruptcy
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Another fidelity bond legal dispute between the NCUA and an insurance company revealed that a former manager and assistant manager were running a check-kiting scheme that led to a loss of nearly $700,000 and contributed to the involuntary liquidation of an Indiana credit union.
The FLSP recognizes the following types of insolvency proceedings: (a) voluntary (debtor-initiated) liquidation of insolvent juridical debtors; (b) involuntary (creditor-initiated) liquidation of insolvent juridical debtors; (c) voluntary liquidation of insolvent individual debtor; and d) involuntary liquidation of insolvent individual debtors.
trustee, a lawyer appointed by the government to serve as a watchdog in bankruptcy cases, is seeking to have Direct Air's voluntary filing for a bankruptcy reorganization converted to an involuntary liquidation of the company.
On Monday, HQ Bank initiated an involuntary liquidation process after the local financial watchdog --Finansinspektionen, or FI -- had revoked all its licences.
30 August 2010 - Swedish investment bank HQ AB (STO:HQ) said today it would proceed with involuntary liquidation after its licence was revoked by the Swedish financial regulator on Friday over deficiencies related to its trading operations.
Sweden-based investment bank, HQ Bank AB has announced that it is going into involuntary liquidation.
Such state actions include involuntary liquidation because of insolvency, as well as other regulatory processes and procedures such as supervision, rehabilitation, receivership, conservatorship, a cease-and-desist order, suspension, license revocation, administrative order and any other action that restricts a company's freedom to conduct its insurance business as normal.
The firm has been placed in involuntary liquidation and investors have been warned they will be unlikely to recover much of their money.
Midway Airlines may be forced into involuntary liquidation because of its lack of financial information filed with the bankruptcy court.
The court, in so ruling, also recognized that as a practical matter, unit owners who are damaged by bad faith depredations of unscrupulous boards may find themselves without realistic recourse in the event the sponsor's assets become unavailable due to corporate dissolution or involuntary liquidation.
One of those purposes was a headstrong investment in real estate which, in turn, led to a strained financial condition that finally resulted in cancellation of the bank's line of credit and involuntary liquidation of the business.
Steel, with a triple-B credit rating, brought out its MMPs in 1985, it provided special incentives for investors to buy the issues by insuring investors against the voluntary or involuntary liquidation of the Company with a provision called a "Standby Event" (i.
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