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According to the design parameters of the involute helical gear pair listed in Table 1, the geometry factor [Z.
Involute tooth profile modification is optimized by using parabolic curve.
4 mm, broadly ovate, strongly concave, margins involute in the upper half, cucullate-concave and dorsally roughened at the apex; hyaline cells rhomboidal, with large, rounded, unringed pores on the ventral surface, more pores in the upper cells, with few elliptic, ringed pores at the opposite ends on the dorsal surface; green cells in cross section narrowly elliptic, centrally located, slightly and equally exposed on both surfaces.
Since the curve [alpha]* is involute of [alpha], <T, T*> = 0.
The hypothesis of the model includes the theoretical meshing gear of the involutes external spur gears, the theory of elasticity for deformable solid, the contact along a contact line of the tooth width.
The thickness of the involute profile at any point as shown in Fig.
The profile called "direct profile" belongs to the positive side of an involute with the base circle diameter dbd--the direct profile base circle diameter.
Hemangiomas in distal areas such as the fingers and feet tend to involute more rapidly than lesions elsewhere.
All feature involute inlets that run 180 degrees around the cyclone circumference to maximize cyclonic separation.
Polygon shaft-to-hub connections can transmit twice the torque of involute splines in the same shaft diameter, due to the elimination of stress concentration risers.
If any portion of the duct does not involute, remnant secretory epithelium may form a cyst.