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And so he has ended up with paintings like #8a-1990 and #8b-1990, a pair of canvases in which involuted grids of multicolored fist-size dots hover above white fields, cannily inflecting flatness with depth, imposing an order that can be discerned but not defined--a distillation of an altogether different dialectic that has proceeded gradually but unremittingly.
Conversely, Clute's more obvious nonfiction can, in a sense, seem to strain towards the fictional, as when he visibly riffles through his encyclopedic mind and lexicographic vocabulary for the next involuted metaphor or arresting bon mot.
Cox added: The ability to involute the atrial wall into the ablation device itself using suction allows for the application of radiofrequency energy to both sides of the involuted tissue, thereby creating reproducible transmural and contiguous linear lesions for the first time off?
9) Traditional vascular markers such as CD31, von Willebrand factor, and smooth muscle actin (a pericyte marker) are present in both the proliferative and involuting phases, but are lost in the fully involuted lesions.
As a result, we found that the fistula had contracted and the frontal sinus cavity involuted.
For reasons of either personal character or of professional training, his statements were exceedingly cautious and wrapped up in an involuted language that is difficult for many to understand, especially in this age of the resonant soundbite and ubiquitous rent-a-mor-alists.
The valve can be made by a method comprising a tubular segment in which three equidistant longitudinal incisions are made in one end of the tube, creating three flaps which are involuted, i.
The book is not meant as a popular read because it contains some jargon and involuted sociological arguments.
A major part of the book deals with the involuted process leading to the release of the internees, who for a long time were in limbo; the British authorities made no substantial concessions, the Canadian authorities did not want to release them unless they had visas to the United States, and the American authorities found a curious legislation that would not permit them to cross the border from Canada directly, but forced them to come by ship through the U-boat infested waters of the Atlantic.
Now comes Alberto Gonzales, counsel to the president and the new attorney general, who in recent Senate confirmation hearings spoke in defensively involuted abstractions about torture, denying its use as a matter of government policy in nonresponsive replies to senators' questions regarding the relation of policy memos he had written to subsequent acts at Abu Ghraib.