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This finding is in agreement with previous studies that showed a reduction in the mean of PMN as the postpartum period approached the completion of histological involution (Gilbert et al.
During the involution phase, CD8-positive cytotoxic T cells are recruited and there is suggestion that inhibition of such T cells could retard regression of haemangiomas.
Afterwards the main contribution of this paper, the theory of neutrosophic evolution, the dynamicity of species, several examples of evolution, involution, and indeterminacy (neutrality), neutrosophic selection, refined neutrosophic theory of evolution, and the paper ends with open questions on evolution/neutrality/involution.
Perhaps most intriguing from a therapeutic stand point is the spontaneous involution of the lesion.
which is the only 3412-avoiding involution of length 0.
The state of uterine involution was objectively assessed by rectal examination, on a scale from 1 to 3.
The thymus is virtually fully developed at birth, [sup][1] but it is highly susceptible to acute involution induced by a wide array of stresses, such as bacterial infection.
It suffices to remark that an involution with no fixed points is necessarily of even length.
The hyperelliptic involutions of the hyperelliptic curves [X.
Note that, if [iota] is an r-admissible involution and if [iota](b) = c > b and [iota](z) = z, then z < b or z > c (this is easily proved by induction on [absolute value of Z]).
After that you reach a point of involution where you've experimented with everything and gained every experience.
president Bashir asked the crowds wherever he spoke drawing a roaring "no", in a cycle with Libya, Syria and Iraq as further examples of state involution.