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Avni considers this map on the conjugacy class of fixed-point-free involutions of [S.
Uterine involution involves the contraction of the uterus, sloughing of the caruncles and regeneration of the endometrium (Gier and Marion, 1968).
Presolicitation: To obtain dna samples from 717 subjects to perform a genome-wide association study (gwas) in order to identify genetic factors associated with tdlu involution in normal breast tissues.
Delay LILETTA insertion a minimum of 6 weeks or until uterine involution is complete following a delivery or a second trimester abortion.
Overexpression of Foxn1 attenuates age-associated thymic involution and prevents the expansion of peripheral CD4 memory T cells.
They say that a man's journey consists of evolution and involution.
president Bashir asked the crowds wherever he spoke drawing a roaring "no", in a cycle with Libya, Syria and Iraq as further examples of state involution.
Annie LaCourt, a former Arlington selectman, reviewed the Visual Budget program developed by Involution Studios, that allows officials -- and residents -- to easily "drill down'' the numbers to look at the budget as a whole, or how an individual taxpayer's money is being spent.
Watchful waiting is usually encouraged, as spontaneous involution, regression, or stabilization can occur during the teenage years.
Chinese may well serve as the catalyst, the mediator, for a great divergence, an involution.
Cette DHT provoque une hypertrophie des glandes sebacees et une involution progressive du bulbe pileux d'ou une diminution de la phase anagene.