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The cervical and uterine involutional changes and any abnormal discharges observed on days 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 and 42 post-partum are presented in Table 3.
Localized involutional lipoatrophy: a clinicopathologic study of 16 patients.
In a book filled with pseudo-information and endlessly re-routed mechanisms of communication, the section is unusual for its unambiguous didacticism: Wallace unpacks, though maintaining a characteristic ludic inflection, the meaning of two distinct kinds of depression: "anhedonia or simple melancholy" (692) and 'clinical depression or involutional depression or unipolar dysphoria' (695).
It is unaffected by muscle mass, and it has been reported that cystatin C, unlike creatinine, might be able to mirror the involutional decrease in GFR that occurs with ageing (4, 5).
Cell death occurring in the tissue is not caused by the disappearance of any essential substance; in fact, this involutional phase is still not well understood, and it is believed to be a natural, genetically-programmed phenomenon.
Two patients showed suture diastasis and involutional markings on the plain x-ray films in which the bone and the epidural space were involved by hydatid disease.
It found that "most authoritative publications appear to be in agreement that symptoms associated with the depressed phase of manic-depressive illness or involutional melancholia are treated most effectively by ECT" (Frankel, 1973).
As fertility ends, "the closing gates" of the womb foreshadow women's partial death, thus laying the foundation for the now outmoded psychiatric diagnosis of involutional melancholia.
Blepharoptosis occurring in glaucomatous patients may be involutional in an aged population (30) or exacerbated by intraocular surgery.
Similarly, some authors suggest this lesion to be an involutional, ischemic variant of intraosseous lipoma.