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19) Correspondingly, he attempted to portray the institutional limitations on land alienation that one commonly observes in pre-1949 Chinese customary law as, for the most part, utilitarian reactions against an involutionary subsistence economy.
MYERS, 2012, << Involutionary Momentum: Affective Ecologies and the Sciences of Plant/Insect Encounters>>, Differences : A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies, 23, 3:74-117.
This involutionary sequence unveils the singularity of becoming as the irreducible nucleus of non-transcendent being--a singularity that should not be confused with the socio-symbolic identity of the individual, or with the abstract, normative self of liberal humanism.
In conclusion, variation in echogenicity of postpartum reproductive tract of Kankrej cows is observed during uterine involutionary process with increment in echo texture of reproductive tract.
Twins metonymically gesture to what the 'Murder House' itself represents--a realm of entropic exhaustion, of involutionary regression, of reality become virtual reality.
Thymus to evaluate for small hemorrhages, a stress reaction, and involutionary changes (Table 3; Figure 2, A through C);
The hard way towards degrowth in the involutionary western development path.
The weak enzyme activity, low protein expression and lower alveolar secretary cell population in udder during involutionary stage have been reported (Elsayed et al.
An analogy for involutionary relationships between disciplines would be the wasp--orchid relationship.
516), misses the nuanced character of what Geertz calls the "general atmosphere", that is, the involutionary character that still defined Indonesia even as he wrote (ibid.
Xue not only establishes that the likely quantity of beancake fertilizer imported to the Yangzi delta region was only about 10 percent of the massive overestimation proposed by revisionists, he also finds abundant evidence confirming the traditional picture of a deepening involutionary crisis, due largely to soil exhaustion and declining marginal returns on labour.