involved situation

See: imbroglio
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150) Nothing in this admittedly somewhat involved situation appears to resemble greenmail.
Other cases of fire have involved situations where fuel drops onto hot surfaces, such as the exhaust, caused a fire," he explained.
Some incidents in which babies were injured involved situations where recliners were placed in a crib 6 something manufacturers urge parents not to do.
Other instances involved situations in which Duggan was alone in dark rooms with intoxicated young, intoxicated, female patients in four point restraints lying on gurneys, which blocked entry to the room in which Duggan and such patients were found.
Both involved situations "in which collectively they are all better off if they do it, but individually none of them would be motivated to do it," explains Schelling.
The professors were also asked to rate the difficulties of the involved situations.
This is helpful for fast needs-based accommodation searching, such as in less involved situations when a counselor already knows the customer's particular need.
But our cases have involved situations where one director has undertaken to reproduce substantial portions of another director's production, without seeking the permission of the original director.
However, these cases differed factually from the case at hand; they involved situations in which the consents were signed by taxpayers rather than their representatives.
Work at JFK involved situations crews had not encountered at other locations.