involved state

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When the honorable and gallant baronet, her father, died, he left the widowed Lady Malkinshaw with her worldly affairs in a curiously involved state. Her son (of whom I feel truly ashamed to be obliged to speak again so soon) made an effort to extricate his mother--involved himself in a series of pecuniary disasters, which commercial people call, I believe, transactions--struggled for a little while to get out of them in the character of an independent gentleman--failed--and then spiritlessly availed himself of the oleaginous refuge of the soap and candle trade.
Also, the involved state of my affairs forbids me to write with any finality concerning those hopes of ultimate bliss upon which, for a long while past, I have permitted myself to feed.
The CHR report would be endorsed to the Office of the Ombudsman and the Department of Justice (DOJ) for the filing of criminal charges against the involved state agents, government officials and individuals.
The survey will be conducted in coordination with the local authorities and all the involved state institutions.
The sale to the state-owned Tallinn Airport, in 2009, of Estonian Air's ground handling activities may also have involved state aid to the airline.
According to the BBC, his wife said that Haibo's trial was held in secret in May because the Kunming Intermediate People's Court said it involved state secrets.
Defence lawyer Wang Yuncai said the hearing examined the charges of defection and abuse of power, and involved state secrets.
During this week the joint annual review on the Kyrgyz health system is taking place with the participation of all involved state agencies, parliament, civil society and Development Partners.
The supreme administrative court has said that the lower court which made that ruling has no jurisdiction in cases of this kind because they involved state sovereignty.
Last week Bulgaria PM Boyko Borisov stated that his center-right GERB government will ask for expertise from Brussels to decide whether the notorious land swap deals involved state aid or not.
A series of meetings between the ministries and all involved state bodies and services have already taken place, as well as a broader conference with all implicated bodies.
The Justice Select Committee said it was concerned that the changes could see ministers choosing a coroner or excluding a jury in cases which involved state authorities.