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It also found that the effect of promotion focus on nutritional involvement was greater among high-income consumers.
Dehen et al.5 studied 76 patients with morphea and found internal involvement by systematic examination in 16 patients only.
In the context of parental involvement, the term parent refers to students' biological parents and guardians.
What social and cultural factors influence parents' involvement in their child's sport in Wales
How to treat patients with HLH complicated with CNS involvement? The HLH-94/04 protocol is the basic regimen, supplemented with intrathecal injection of methotrexate and glucocorticoid.
Muhammad Arish Khan, son of Muhammad Aslam, was sentenced to death for his involvement in attacking Pearl Continental Hotel in Peshawar which resulted in the deaths of four civilians.
The Lane County code (Order 97-10-21-2) requires an annual plan from the Planning Commission, which also serves as the Citizen Involvement Committee.
Despite the limitations, this study is quite valuable and bears striking resemblance to the existing literature examining urology resident involvement and operative times.
Studies have shown that lack of knowledge about maternal health pose a significant challenge to positive male partner involvement (13-14).
Parental involvement in family-school partnerships has been widely established as supporting and improving students' social, emotional and academic outcomes (Avvisati, Besbas & Guyon, 2010; Avvisati, Gurgand, Guyon & Maurin, 2010; Emerson, Fear, Fox & Sanders, 2012; Fan & Williams, 2010).
Primary extranodal involvement was seen in 55.6% of patients.
nonfinancial reward) x 2 (product involvement: high vs.