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Based on the aforementioned studies on donor involvement in college athletics, it appears that involvement may have an impact on donation amount, but there is no evidence of any gender differences.
Her findings revealed that income, donation amount, specific donor motives, sport experience, and attendance were variables that contributed significantly to the discrimination between female and male athletic donors, but involvement was not a significant factor.
Recurring themes associated with women's giving that emerged included personal commitment, volunteer involvement, and strong feelings about a cause or charitable organization.
Women, more so than men, want to know how their charitable dollars are being used, and view charity as a means to secure additional friendships and involvement in the community (Marx, 2000).
Personal preferences are a primary component of involvement in terms of purchase intentions.
Examples of the semantic scale item anchors include "important--unimportant" and "exciting unexciting." Scale items were measured from 1 = low involvement to 5 = high involvement.
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