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Combining Involver, Collective Intellect, and Vitrue with SaaS-based CRM software developer RightNow Technologies lets Oracle offer customers a comprehensive set oftools to cover nearly all of their social media marketing needs.
Michael Fauscette, group vice president of software business solutions at IDC, notes Involver was "the missing piece" that Oracle needed to build out a "complete cloud-based customer experience suite of products," but he also believes there are more opportunities for Oracle to expand its social media offerings.
Besides Facebook, other Involver customers have included Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), the No.
Involver raised more than $19 million in venture capital from Bessemer Ventures, Western Technology Investment and Cervin Ventures.
Country: USASector: Computer Software, IT/Online ServicesTarget: Involver IncBuyer: Oracle CorporationType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
After a flurry of activity at his Florida beach house, Involver is set to be re-released with a second CD featuring some classic and contemporary mixes from Sasha.
Blurring the lines between art and mix album, the Involver project has certainly reinvigorated Sasha.
The six months that it took to put Involver together may seen a bit long, but it's a flash in the pan compared to the five years it took for Sasha to record his last artist album, Airdrawndagger.
The 10 artists on Involver basically struck gold not only did they get their track on Sasha's mix,they scored a free Sasha remix too.