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While a multi-systemic approach has shown to produce positive outcomes for some students (Henggeler, Schoenwald, Borduin, Rowland, & Cunningham, 1998), the most important system to involve in consultation is the family, more specifically, the parents.
This involves rapid termination of eccentric loading followed by a brief isometric phase and an explosive rebound relying on stored elastic energy and a powerful reflex muscle contraction.
Reasonableness involves a belief that a board decision must be to further corporate interests.
Any analysis of globalization or of children involves attention not only to regional specificity--the local alongside the global--but also social class and gender factors.
s decision not to include several small-market television stations in a deal that also would involve the Dodgers.
38) When state laws mandate reporting of statutory rape, research that involves sexually active minors may unfairly burden certain individuals or groups.
Positive" assertiveness involves the scientific process for decision making (goal setting),, and which is sometimes referred to as the "systems" approach.
Mead does, of course, involve deference to a Customs classification ruling and the government attorneys arguing the case are not necessarily tax wonks.
It is a chronic, degenerative process that may involve multiple joints of the body.
Indeed, if it is the first year a taxpayer has inventories, the adoption of an inventory method is not subject to the procedures governing accounting method changes, as this does not involve a "change" in method of accounting; see Regs.
Whether the business involves generating electricity, manufacturing pharmaceuticals, cleaning up hazardous waste, or any number of other activities, identifying the need for community affairs programs and reaching out to community stakeholders is vital to succeed.