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In more legitimate operations, these settling transactions almost always involve the transfer of funds from one account to another at banking institutions.
The appellate division ruled 3-1 that the dispute "cannot be decided by application of neutral principles of law" and "would necessarily involve impermissible inquires into religious doctrine and the Congregation's membership requirements." (In the Matter of Congregation Yetev Lev D'Satmar v.
These programs involve the measurement of a property of the same item or group of items circulated among the participating laboratories.
In addition, it is imperative to involve various professionals and agencies who can address and intervene with the various needs affecting the Latino student population from a resiliency or asset based model (La Roche & Shriberg, 2004; Osterling, 2001).
This involves rapid termination of eccentric loading followed by a brief isometric phase and an explosive rebound relying on stored elastic energy and a powerful reflex muscle contraction.
Procedural fairness involves how the board went about approving the transaction.
Any analysis of globalization or of children involves attention not only to regional specificity--the local alongside the global--but also social class and gender factors.
* Knowledge of dispute resolution mechanisms: Advocacy often involves disagreements and conflicts.
It was apparent from the questioning of counsel during oral argument in the Catalina case that the court is very concerned about the effect its decision will have on the development of the new economy, which involves the increasing prevalence of rendition of services versus sale of goods.
(28) Circumstances considered potentially appropriate for such a waiver include child abuse, health issues for which adolescents may legally seek services without parental consent (such as family planning and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases) and research that involves minimal risk and in which the participants are "mature minors." (29) Studies that involve sexually active minors may thus qualify for such a waiver.