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A frequent excuse for not involving parents is the belief that Latino parents are either not interested, are uninvolved, or do not speak the language (Osterling, 2001).
Cases involving both single and multiple charges took longer to process in 2003/04--singles averaged 134 days and multiples 146 days.
Tries cases involving conflicts over imports and exports.
Involving employees in the selection process can improve compliance.
In cases involving older children, the courts claimed that it was the state's responsibility to protect young women because they were inherently weak or were emotionally and intellectually incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse, or because female chastity was necessary to maintain the moral character of a society.
In another NIAMS-funded study involving 11 different medical centers, researchers are comparing surgical vs.
Although Respondents speculate that the public's confidence in LNB's subsidiary banks may be adversely affected by an open proceeding, they provide no evidence to support their argument and no basis for the Board to distinguish this case from any other case involving an open institution.
Under Spanish rule, concern about proper procedure in criminal cases involving slaves was sometimes quite impressive.
Assault charges involving dedicated stakeholders, for instance, are not unheard of.
Sheldon's findings confirm a fundamental principle in existential philosophy involving choice.
The need for a ruling increases for transactions involving substantial sums of money.
Computer access is often subdivided into those cases involving visual impairments and those dealing with physical disability.