involving death

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He said eight employees of the health ministry in Benazirabad had been suspended and an FIR had been lodged against them regarding the incident involving death of four children.
Thunderkick was indicted on charges of reckless homicide, attempted leaving the scene of an accident involving death and aggravated battery stemming from the Sept.
He faces numerous charges, including third-degree murder, homicide by vehicle, retail theft, reckless driving, endangering the welfare of children, accidents involving death or injury while not properly licensed, recklessly endangering another person, driving on a suspended license and running a red light, NBC 10 Philadelphia reported.
The Directorate must, however, immediately refer to the Ombudsman Office any complaint involving death, physical injury or serious mistreatment suffered during or following contact with a member of the ministry.
Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Aziz said that when it comes to dealing with cases involving death penalty, the International Court of Justice has always given a stay order.
The Last Pow-Wow moves quickly and would keep a younger reader engaged, but chapters involving death and characters getting familiar with each other make this a book for adults.
It cited the aircraft type's "very poor safety record", noting US statistics showed of the few hundred fully constructed BD5s capable of flying between 1972 and 1998 there had been more than 80 accidents, 37 involving death or injury.
Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Field Operations (OFO), at Pittsburgh International Airport arrested a Pennsylvania man Saturday who was wanted by the Pittsburgh Police Department for an accident involving death or injury.
According to the TurkStat reports total number of the traffic accidents involving death or injury in 2011 was reported as 131,846.
Two other cases involving death camp employees are pending trial in German courts.
IN our present culture, when some personal disaster occurs involving death, such as a road accident, which might be caused by carelessness, or a terrorist incident, which has been caused by insane and vicious hatred, it is the custom for many to demonstrate their sympathy, support and grief by laying flowers at the scene.
Lesser Included Offenses LEAVING THE SCENE OF A CRASH INVOLVING DEATH [begin strikethrough]OR INJURY[end strikethrough]-- 316.