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HE WHO controls his hand, he who controls his feet,he who is well controlled, he who delights inwardly, who is collected, who is solitary and content, him they callabhikshu.
This may or may not be true, but it has led to curiosity about living as a secret agent - giving lip-service to the norms of society, while inwardly believing something radically different.
The chassis includes laterally opposing side flaps formed by laterally inwardly folded portions of the chassis and deployable chassis ears formed by other laterally inwardly folded portions of the chassis.
Tonight, Pauline discharges herself from Walford General and goes back to sit in her chargrilled house in the dark, still inwardly fuming at the fact that her beloved son is daring to see his ex-wife behind her back.
Certainly expertise from elsewhere will be loathe to come to Wales, as will cash inwardly invested.
A laterally inwardly directed leg contour is defined in each of the lateral sides between the respective front and back ear portions.
If the talent pool is restricted to the internal candidate base, companies will stagnate and flatten as they become inwardly focused.
The first and second zones are pulled inward under contractile forces of the elastic members to form tucks which are convex inwardly of the leg-holes.
The first cuff element slants upwardly and inwardly away from the first cuff base line to rise above the absorbing layer at vertical heights there from.
The gasket cuff is provided with elasticity and has an inner cuff that extends laterally inwardly from the joint and an outer cuff that extends laterally outwardly from the joint.
The bottom side edge of the first sheet strip is inwardly spaced, in a transverse direction of the diaper, from the bottom side edge of the second sheet strip.
The absorbing component is folded along the first, second and third folding guides and tucked inwardly of the diaper to make up inward portions.