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Well, there is something in that," said the Rector, with his quiet, inward laugh.
In much that he said in exaltation of rural life he was but pleading indirectly for that sincerity, that perfect fidelity to one's own inward presentations, to the precise features of the picture within, without which any profound poetry is impossible.
Grasp your fist with your other hand and pull it sharply inwards and upwards.
This time place your fist with the thumb still inwards against the child's upper abdomen.
However, now is not the time to be looking inwards, but outwards.
WALES needs to ensure that it puts out the inward investment "welcome mat" to Japanese companies which, following the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster, could be forced to seek alternative supply sources overseas, says leading automotive expert Garel Rhys.
But this mirror reflects in two directions, both inwards to the choreographed internal drama and outwards to the society which creates the buildings to house this drama, through the processes of architecture and design.