ipso facto

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Ipso Facto

[Latin, By the fact itself; by the mere fact.]

ipso facto

(ip-soh-fact-toe) prep. Latin for "by the fact itself." An expression more popular with comedians imitating lawyers than with lawyers themselves. A simple example: "a blind person, ipso facto, is not entitled to a driver's license."

ipso facto

adverb absolutely, by the act itself, by the fact itself, by the mere fact, by the very fact, essentially, positively, truly

IPSO FACTO. By the fact itself.
     2. This phrase is frequently employed to convey the idea that something which has been done contrary to law is void. For example, if a married man, during the life of his wife, of which he had knowledge, should marry another woman, the latter marriage would be void ipso facto; that is, on that fact being proved, the second marriage would be declared void ab initio.

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Harmless error does not, ipso facto, warrant the reversal of a judgment and/or a new trial.
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Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang elected to go into public office and ipso facto expose herself to public scrutiny.
After all, the past, present and future links between the Jordanian and Palestinian peoples are ipso facto, therefore it is infantile politics to remain sensitive, each time the possibility of unity between the two banks is mentioned.
The court rejected his contention that the mere evidence of animosity did not mean, ipso facto, that the requirements for peer review immunity were not applicable.
On the authority of [section] 365(e)(1) that ipso facto clauses are unenforceable in bankruptcy, some bankruptcy courts have essentially "red-penned" contractual terms in an underlying partnership or operating agreement or state law provisions to prevent the automatic withdrawal of a debtor partner in an FLP or termination of the debtor partner's interest in the FLP upon the bankruptcy filing of the debtor partner.