ipso facto

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Ipso Facto

[Latin, By the fact itself; by the mere fact.]

ipso facto

(ip-soh-fact-toe) prep. Latin for "by the fact itself." An expression more popular with comedians imitating lawyers than with lawyers themselves. A simple example: "a blind person, ipso facto, is not entitled to a driver's license."

ipso facto

adverb absolutely, by the act itself, by the fact itself, by the mere fact, by the very fact, essentially, positively, truly

IPSO FACTO. By the fact itself.
     2. This phrase is frequently employed to convey the idea that something which has been done contrary to law is void. For example, if a married man, during the life of his wife, of which he had knowledge, should marry another woman, the latter marriage would be void ipso facto; that is, on that fact being proved, the second marriage would be declared void ab initio.

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La LFI et la LACC ont toutes deux invalide les clauses ipso facto dans plusieurs situations, exceptes pour les cas de faillite d'entreprise et de mise sous sequestre.
We are of the opinion that the impugned order dated January 28, 2015 ( of ACC) is rendered infructuous ipso facto as the matter is to be reconsidered by respondents as submitted by counsel for the respondents ( Union of India, MoEF and Department of Personnel & Training).
Ipso facto we should bear this in mind now, particularly with reference to the terms imposed on Greece, even though we are almost 100 years on and Germany itself is now calling the European "tune".
Si le ministere des Affaires religieuses appuie ce pretendu conseil, elle violera ipso facto le premier article de ce protocole qui stipule que la mosquee de la Zitouna est une institution islamique scientifique independante ', a- t-il averti.
En ellos habra que poner manos a la obra ipso facto.
With Ipso Facto Films and Qurios Entertainment also wound-up and no pot of money to tempt filmmakers into the region since Northern Film & Media's content fund pot dried up, it's good to hear such confidence.
The written content of these interviews is, ipso facto, no more penetrating than that of its orthodox journalistic kin; what is gained through this medium is a defense against the capacity of language to obfuscate and normalize what is awful.
So, ipso facto, why spend a lot of money on something that can be obviated by the mere enforced application of the current laws?
Deep losses of confidence and extreme risk aversion are driving up yields, ipso facto threatening the sustainability of previously manageable debt burdens," said Marco Buti, director-general of the EU's Economic and Financial Affairs Directorate, in the latest quarterly report on the eurozone, published on 13 December.
They are not entitled to release on bail ipso facto (by default) on appearance before the court.
The cleric said that, "the indictment is ipso facto an aggression against the resistance, and was no longer a means to convey the truth.
The volume is organized by pre-Kievan, Kievan, Lithuanian-Polish-Crimean, Cossack state, Russian Empire rule, Austrian Empire rule, and Nazi occupation periods; nationalist movement struggles; and economic, political, and social developments since attaining independence, but not ipso facto a unified identity.